Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Emergency Contacts

Following is a quick reference to all the emergency contacts involved in the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center International Service program. All contact numbers will be confirmed prior to departure.

ROMP Lab Phone: 502-4301-1169

ROMP Cell Phone is for short calls to home. Purchase minutes to make longer calls.

David Krupa, Volunteer Field Director, ROMP Guatemala
Cell number in Guatemala, emergency use only: 011-502-5675-9686

Eric Neufeld, Director, ROMP USA

Dan, HIM Field Director
You will receive this number prior to departure.

SOS Emergency Contact Number
See your SOS wallet card that you printed out when you registered

NUPOC, Chicago, Illinois

Mindy Thorpe, Director of International Education, NUPOC
You will receive this number prior to departure.

Devora Grynspan, Director of International Program Development, Northwestern University

Emergency Evacuation

Northwestern University provides emergency evacuation, free of charge, to all students and non-students who travel abroad under this program. Northwestern University has contracted with a company called International SOS (SOS) that provides worldwide assistance and evacuation services for all students and employees who travel outside the United States to study or conduct University business.

Registration is mandatory for all participants.  Visit the NU SOS link and follow the Step-by-Step Guide for Registering with International SOS. 

As part of your SOS registration, you should also sign up for:
1.    Personal Travel Locator -To create your profile and update travel itineraries
2.    Email Alerts -To inform you about medical, security and travel issues
3.    Medical Information -To allow SOS doctors to know your medical history, if necessary

Finally, you must email the NU SOS confirmation of registration to your NUPOC-ROMP Trip Liaison.