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Jane Donaldson Exhibit, NUPOC Gallery 2017

At NUPOC, science, technology and art intersect. In recognition of the artistry that is intrinsic to the allied health discipline of Prosthetics and Orthotics, NUPOC frequently rotates exhibits in the NUPOC Gallery. Prosthetist-Orthotists and artists cultivate similar skills, such as knowledge of human anatomy. Using three-dimensional artistry that bridges science and technology, CPOs fit and fabricate functional prostheses and orthoses for their patients. The NUPOC Gallery exhibits are a tribute to the intersection of science, technology and art in our profession. 

Andrew Conklin Exhibit at NUPOC Gallery




January – June 2016

Yeongchi Wu: Sculpture, realistic and abstract, watercolor and acrylic paintings, mixed media

July – September 2016

Ansel Adams: Photographic prints, black and white landscape

October – December 2016

Jane Donaldson: Acrylic paintings, abstract


January 2017

Jane Donaldson: Acrylic paintings, abstract

February  2017

Matt Treager: Photographic prints, black and white, sports action

March – April  2017

Yeongchi Wu: Sculpture, realistic and abstract, paintings, watercolor and acrylic, mixed media

May – June  2017

Kierra Falbo (MPO 2018): Oil paintings, landscape

July – August  2017

Bruce Boyer: Oil paintings, abstract

September – October  2017

Andrew Conklin: Oil paintings, representational human figures
NUPOC appreciates the support of Palette & Chisel, Chicago, IL

November – December  2017

Helen Oh: Oil paintings, representational portraits
NUPOC appreciates the support of Palette & Chisel, Chicago, IL


January – February 2018

Tim Bliamptis: Photographic prints

March – April 2018

Lee Oberlander: Acrylic and mixed media paintings, abstract

May June 2018



Call for Artists

The NUPOC Gallery shows representational and abstract paintings, sculptures and photographs. Artists who wish to exhibit their work at the NUPOC Gallery are invited to submit samples of their work for consideration, per instructions on NUPOC Gallery Details.

Yeongchi Wu Exhibit at NUPOC Gallery.

Kierra Falbo Exhibit at NUPOC Gallery

Yeongchi Wu Exhibit at NUPOC Gallery

Yeongchi Wu Exhibit at NUPOC Gallery