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Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Fall Risk and Prosthetic Influence on Gait Biomechanics in Upper Limb Amputees

Principal Investigators: Matthew J. Major, PhD, Steven A. Gard, PhD 

Co-Investigators: John Brinkmann, CPO (NUPOC), Rebecca Stine, MS (Jesse Brown VAMC), Marc Applebaum, MD (Jesse Brown VAMC), Allen Heinemann, PhD (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)

Student Investigator: Suzanne McConn, MS (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University)

Funded by: Department of Veterans Affairs, Rehabilitation Research and Development Grant Number 1I21RX001388

Status: In Progress

Project Purpose

Understanding interactions among increased fall risk, reduced balance confidence, and fear of falling among upper limb amputees.Natural arm dynamics in able-bodied individuals are critical for reducing the metabolic energy required to walk steadily and for recovering from a perturbation to avoid a fall, which may have significant implications for individuals with upper limb loss. Very little attention has been paid to the characteristics of gait, standing balance, and fall risk in this patient group. This study proposes to identify the level and covariates of fall risk in individuals with upper limb loss, and the effects of upper limb prosthesis use on gait and standing balance. These results will quantify a previously undocumented health hazard (i.e. increased fall risk) to persons with upper limb loss.

Through improved understanding of the impact of upper limb loss on falls and ambulation, subsequent studies may identify mechanisms of instability in this patient group, leading to rehabilitation strategies (e.g., fall recovery training) and improved prosthesis designs that facilitate efficient and safe mobility. Improving the gait and functional balance of persons with upper limb loss can increase their participation in daily activities and consequently enhance their self-sufficiency and confidence.


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